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Let Us Help You with Vestibular Treatment in Vernon or North Okanagan

The inner ear is part of the vestibular system, which transmits sensory information from the brain to the senses. Because of the intricacy of the vestibular system, accurate diagnosis of vestibular dysfunctions requires professional assistance. If you're having trouble with vertigo, dizziness, visual distortion, or balance, Damini Physiotherapy & Sports Injury provides vestibular treatment in Vernon.

We have highly skilled physiotherapists that specialize in vestibular dysfunction treatment. The ultimate objective is to reduce your symptoms by using education, balance retraining therapy, an exercise-based program, vestibular rehabilitation therapy, lifestyle modifications, and hands-on treatment. Contact us to know more.

Vestibular Therapy for Concussions

A concussion immediately affects the vestibular system, making it difficult for the concussed individual to orient themselves. Our Vernon clinic uses vestibular treatment to treat concussions. Our physiotherapist will check your symptoms and medical history, including if you have ever had head trauma. Vestibular treatment can considerably reduce symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, impaired eyesight, balance issues, nausea, and memory loss by restoring brain and body equilibrium and thereby reducing symptoms associated with a concussion.

Take Control of Your Health

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