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Experience Relief with Dry Needling/IMS Services in Vernon or North Okanagan

Dry needling, often called Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS), is a therapy that involves inserting needles into particular body regions to help reduce pain, improve strength, and stimulate muscle activity. The needles work by dissolving tight muscular bands (trigger points), which cause physical pain. Dry needling may be beneficial to those who are recuperating from acute problems or managing chronic illnesses. Our expert physiotherapists at Damini Physiotherapy & Sports Injury in Vernon can provide dry needling if your therapy necessitates it. For any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Benefits of Dry Needling

If you're recovering from an injury, you've probably heard of dry needling or IMS. Consider the following 5 benefits if you're still not convinced that dry needling is the ideal treatment for you on your journey to recovery.

Promotes blood flow
Trigger points produce muscular stiffness, which can reduce blood flow and, as a result, oxygen supply depletion. This oxygen deficiency might cause discomfort in the afflicted region. We can minimize the barrier to blood flow and promote oxygenation by employing dry needling to deactivate trigger points in the muscle.
Promotes healing
When a needle is used to generate tiny lesions in a dysfunctional muscle, the body responds by inducing an inflammatory reaction in the affected area. This is a natural healing mechanism that aids in the restoration of muscle function by promoting healing by generating collagen and proteins.
Reduces pain
In many cases, just deactivating trigger points may provide immediate pain relief. However, we attempt to improve muscular extensibility in order to reduce joint discomfort and radicular pain by relieving the load on joints and nerves.
Improves muscle extensibility and contractibility
Muscle spasms can be reduced and range of motion can be enhanced by relaxing tense bands present inside the muscle. Improved joint mechanics make it easier to engage and activate the right muscles.

Take Control of Your Health

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