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Top Physiotherapy Clinic for Sports Injuries in Vernon or North Okanagan

We deal with athletes of all abilities at Damini Physiotherapy & Sports Injury, addressing all areas of injury and recovery. Whether you are a high-level athlete competing nationally or a regular athlete competing locally, our Vernon physiotherapists offer expertise in sports injury treatments. These injuries can be incredibly time-sensitive. Therefore, we will do everything we can to get you healed as quickly as possible. To give back to our community, our crew regularly volunteers as physiotherapists at local sporting events. We treat acute sports injuries, chronic injuries, and post-surgical symptoms. Contact us to discuss your health concerns.

What Is a Sports Injury?

Most athletes sustain sports injuries due to an accident while engaged in physical activity. Overuse injuries and sudden acute traumatic injuries are the two categories of sports injuries. Athletes who experience a sports injury should get care as quickly as possible, no matter how mild or severe the condition. This is critical if you want to regain form and play your best again.

Benefits of Sports Injury Rehab

There are several advantages to sports injury rehabilitation, some of which are stated below:

Allows players and trainees to assess their own performance
Prevents the injury or treats it
Improves the efficiency of energetic movements by reducing the amount of effort required
Emphasizes strengthening and restoring complete function to the injured area

Take Control of Your Health

Contact our experienced physiotherapists today to get rid of your discomfort or pain.

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