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We Help You Heal and Recover with Physiotherapy Services in Vernon or North Okanagan

Our Vernon physiotherapy clinic takes pride in providing evidence-based treatment for a variety of ailments, including physical limitations, soft tissue injuries, arthritis, and chronic or acute pain. Musculoskeletal, neurological, or cardiac disorders are the most common causes of these injuries or discomfort. Damini Physiotherapy & Sports Injury examines specific regions and diagnoses and frequently evaluates any physical interventions that may be required. Our interdisciplinary team of physiotherapists will create a customized rehabilitation plan for you that will include the most up-to-date procedures for a quick recovery. Call us to speak to a member of our team.

How Do We Approach the First Session?

A thorough assessment with one of our physiotherapists will occur in one of our private treatment rooms. It will include a medical history discussion and a complete neurological and musculoskeletal evaluation. Your therapist will then tell you about any findings and advise you on the best course of action and treatment strategy for your specific requirements.

Our Treatment Plan

All of our physiotherapists use an evidence-based approach in their treatment plans, incorporating manual therapy, therapeutic modalities, exercise prescription, and education.

Manual therapy
Soft tissue release, joint mobility and manipulation, and biomechanical correction are all used in manual therapy to give pain relief and improve physical function.
Therapeutic modalities
Ultrasound, interferential Current (IFC), TENS, laser, biofeedback, Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), and thermal treatments are among the electrotherapeutic modalities we employ. These therapies aid in pain management while also boosting blood flow and enhancing the body's natural healing process.
Exercise prescription
Our therapists are great proponents of therapeutic exercise regimens tailored to the patient's specific requirements, whether it's strengthening a specific body part after an accident, avoiding or reducing the risk of future injury, or increasing overall health and wellness. We use Physitrack® electronic software, which allows us to build and provide individualized home exercise plans by email, allowing patients to witness textual and video examples of each exercise while tracking their progress via an online portal.
Every treatment plan must include patient education on how to properly manage their injuries or conditions, enhancing the likelihood of a safe and rapid return to health. No matter where you reach in your journey of healing, we will always provide you with the tools to keep your health in check.

WorkSafe BC, ICBC, Extended Health Care Benefits

We are a fully accredited WorkSafe BC and ICBC physiotherapy provider with extensive expertise in aiding people with insurance claims. If someone has had a job injury or a car accident, we work closely with them to help them achieve their recovery objectives.

We also provide direct billing for a number of major extended health insurance companies, including:

Blue Cross
Medavie Blue Cross
Green Shield
Great-West Life

Contact us with other insurance company questions.

Take Control of Your Health

Contact our experienced physiotherapists today to get rid of your discomfort or pain.

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